Best Wireless Gaming Headset 2022

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  • SURROUND SOUND READY FOR XBOX – Optimized to deliver immersive surround sound with Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone: X;
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X: may require additional purchases, app downloads, and supported hardware
  • GEN 2 FLIP-TO-MUTE MIC – A larger, high-sensitivity, high performance mic improves chat clarity and conceals cleanly into the headset when muted.
  • Mic monitoring also allows you to hear your own voice while you chat so you’re aware of your own volume.
  • XBOX WIRELESS – Enjoy the simplicity and superiority of a direct connection from your headset to your console– no wires, no base station, and no adapter needed
  • SUPERHUMAN HEARING – Turtle Beach exclusive Superhuman Hearing sound setting lets you hear subtle,
  • Game-changing sounds so you can live up to 20% longer and win more. Data from Turtle Beach Superhuman Hearing study conducted by Real Industry, May 2021
  • GAME AND STAY CONNECTED WITH BLUETOOTH – Enjoy the ability to take mobile calls or listen to your own music simultaneously while gaming, ensuring you’ll never miss a moment of action
  • EASY ACCESS TO AUDIO PRESETS – At the press of a button, customize the way your game sounds with four signature Turtle Beach audio presets
  • METAL-REINFORCED HEADBAND CONSTRUCTION – An all-new metal-reinforced headband gives the Stealth 700 Gen 2 a heavy-duty construction ensuring long-lasting durability
  • AEROFIT COOLING GEL-INFUSED COMFORT – Re-shaped Aerofit cooling gel-infused memory foam ear cushions provide premium comfort for hours of gaming
  • GLASSES FRIENDLY – Our exclusive, patented ProSpecs comfort-driven design removes pressure on your glasses while you play
  • 20-HOUR WIRELESS BATTERY LIFE – The built-in rechargeable battery now provides up to 20-hours of wireless gaming per charge; matching the competition’s battery life but at a lower price
  • Best Wireless Gaming Headset 2022.

Product Description

What is a Best Wireless Gaming Headset  and what are its advantages?

A headset in the field of computer peripherals refers to a combination of headphones and a microphone. Moreover, headsets are usually considered a “gaming product”, with the exception of purely business products. You need to understand such little things, because this is the only way to get full satisfaction from gaming.

It is usually necessary to buy a gaming computer with a gaming headset in those cases when the player does not have a place to connect separate peripherals, and it is necessary to communicate in the game chat. At the same time, the sound quality varies greatly and depends not only on the audio card or the output. This product as a whole is usually well balanced for the price, there are a huge number of models, and you can also choose a comfortable headband. Thanks to this, the position of such peripherals on the market is quite strong, and when buying a computer from scratch, purchasing a headset is one of the obvious priorities.

Best Wireless Gaming Headset or separate set?

A little bit of mother-in-law. Good studio monitors are always connected to a separate jack and, ideally, to a good sound card. In most gamers, instead of an audio processor, there is a built-in Realtek in the computer, which cuts frequencies quite strongly and brings a lot of distortion. But this does not bother most players. For chats in online shooters, this is enough. And people’s headphones are usually the most budget-friendly.

The headset microphone is average at best. It hangs directly in front of the lips, and it will not be possible to move it somewhere – the head is firmly attached to the telescopic remote console, which returns to the headband when the microphone is not needed. In more expensive models, a wind protection is put on the recording head, but it is usually mediocre.

Professional streamers prefer to use a separate set of microphone and headphones. The large microphone has the option of installing not only a wind shield, but also a physical pop filter. It looks like a small grid in front of the recording head. What is its essence? Everyone knows the main function of the wind protection – it is practically impossible to calibrate the microphone perfectly, so such filtering cuts off the noise of the speaker’s breathing. The pop filter affects speech, especially when pronouncing deaf consonants (that’s why it’s called pop). The language “filtered” in this way sounds much nicer.

There are no similar technologies in headsets. They are connected in the usual way, into two 3.5 mm audio connectors, the so-called “analog mini-jacks”. Green – actually for the headphones, pink – for the microphone. This already creates a certain problem of finding an adapter for a laptop – it usually has one mini-jack for headphones. But the advantage of the headset is also great – the best ergonomics, compactness, there is no need to specially set up audio equipment. Turned it on – it works. It is quite enough for negotiations with teammates.

Wireless headsets

A thing that is popular now due to the prevalence of headphones – “BADs” advertised by Apple. Their choice is huge, there are a lot of cheap but decent Chinese manufacturers, like Hoco. Headsets that work with new versions of the Bluetooth protocol can read memory cards and have a battery life of ten hours or more. However buying a gaming computer headset of the wireless type is categorically not recommended. And here’s why.

No, of course, you can play with such equipment. But it is better in a single. The problem is that Bluetooth gives a very solid sound delay, sometimes many seconds. In cutscenes, delays reach up to half a minute. When a person plays alone, it is not very critical, you can wait for the sound stream to pass the buffer. But in online action, every second counts, and a slow-moving headset can greatly worsen game results.

The second unpleasant moment is the so-called “stuttering”. Some models of sound cards (especially cheap Realtek’s) have an unpleasant bug when sound reproduction from wireless equipment is more like a vinyl record scratched with a needle. The problem can be both hardware and media codecs. Sometimes manipulating the sound settings helps to fix it, sometimes not, but the “stuttering” really spoils the game.

In a word, it is categorically not recommended to buy a best wireless gaming headset specifically for online games. But for ordinary listening to music, video chat, etc. this equipment is fine.

The best Wireless Gaming Headset is business and gamer

In order to decide on the right way to buy a gaming headset, you first need to understand what exactly it is. In this case, the epithet “gamer” does not look idle at all. The difference between the two product lines is not large, but significant. Both types are not interchangeable: a gaming headset is too bulky for an office PC, and a business audio set is not suitable for a gaming PC due to the openness and modesty of the headphones.

The business set of audio equipment has seen everything. It is used by dispatchers in call centers, airports, pilots and drivers, observers at industrial sites, etc. From the outside, it looks like a small headphone with a small microphone on the wire. The main thing for office headsets is the presence of fairly clear sound for minimal money. Therefore, most of such products show modest results in audio tests. After all, such a headset will not be used practically anywhere, except for video conferences and similar tasks. But the microphones of similar models are generally quite decent.

Office headsets are often made asymmetrical. That is, only one earpiece is attached to the headband, which, in turn, already has a microphone. Instead of the second ear cushion, there is a plastic plug. Such equipment is installed where it is important for the computer operator not only to hear what is happening in the headphones, but also the surrounding sounds of the outside world. For the same reasons, the ear cups of such headphones are often made open.

With gaming headsets, the opposite is true. In modern shooters, a lot of attention is paid to surround sound, so the headphone design is made to “hug” the ear as much as possible. That is why it is important to choose high-quality ear pads. Given the massiveness of the design, other parts of the gaming set are also more massive: an enlarged wide headband, a large microphone. All this is also attached to a thicker wire.

General advice on ergonomics and selection of a gaming headset

It is quite easy to make a mistake with the periphery. Audio equipment is an area in which markups flourish much more strongly than in the case of most other components. Most often, you have to overpay for a brand that does not have sky-high characteristics. Plus the notorious “gamer” margin, which sometimes makes up more than half of the final amount. Here’s what you need to pay attention to first of all when you need to buy a gaming headset:

• cable. Much longer than usual. At least one and a half meters is the minimum requirement. A lot of peripherals are connected to a modern computer, you need to sit comfortably, and you also need a place for your hands with a gamepad. In addition, the wire needs to be in a strong sheath, because the headset will fold up many times and rub against the edge of the table, etc., cheap plastic cambric will not work;

• check the impedance of the headphones and compare it with your sound card. Especially applies to models of some well-known brands. For example, Sennheiser has several younger lines in which the sound on the standard mini-jack is muffled – because the filling is primarily designed for a larger jack, 6 mm;

• ear pads are selected in the same way as for ordinary headphones. If you expect long hours of battles, your ears should not sweat. Ideally, these three-dimensional pads are made of well-made leather, but this is in the most expensive models. A high-quality synthetic substitute is usually enough. Also, pay attention to the “standard” shape of the ear pads – you will have to change them in the foreseeable future anyway;

• try on the selected model. Even if it looks perfect from the outside, no one guarantees the optimal proportions of the seat on the head. Our faces are only “approximately” the same, so that the headset microphone does not get stuck with the wearer’s saliva and is not too close to the mouth – you need to immediately find out the model parameters;

Moreover, in the end, the price is not even always a decisive factor in the choice. There is a purely Chinese cheap brand Superflux, whose products rarely exceed $10-20. At the same time, the sound in their headphones and headsets is excellent, and the microphone is quite tolerable. So everything is decided solely due to one’s own experience and personal verification. Hearing is an individual matter, and even in the heat of computer battles it is difficult to distinguish all the notes of the soundtrack or the surrounding environment.

Be sure to compare at least a dozen models with similar parameters. As it was stated at the beginning, headsets are the element of the periphery, which is quite often marked up exclusively for the benefit of the brand’s “gamer” reputation. Flowery headphones with a microphone can give a very mediocre sound stream, but at the same time cost quite a lot, purely because of the “gamer” and “extreme” appearance.


Everyone is recommended to buy a computer headset: both casual players, enthusiastic gamers, and professional streamers. The choice of characteristics of the headset is extremely wide and comes down to your own feelings and comfort of the game. If we talk about the career of a network player, then its quality is checked exclusively in the case, that is, during online matches. After all, it is important not only to test the system for yourself, but also to find out how teammates perceive this sound.

In terms of the ergonomics of computer headsets on the market, there is no ideal either, and the latest trends for round headphones absolutely do not help in this regard. On the contrary, this form factor is not very suitable for full immersion in the game, as it does not correspond to the ear cup. But in general, you can find classic, more ergonomic models on the market.

When buying a headset purely for network gaming, avoid wireless options. They are the most convenient in terms of connection, but technically the Bluetooth protocol has a lot of problems with signal delay and compatibility of some equipment. Therefore, the maximum that wireless models are capable of is to provide fairly high-quality sound in normal games, but they are not suitable for network communication during lively virtual firefight